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Pick up weight loss supplements in Midland or Odessa, TX

Have you changed your diet, increased your cardio and even used your workouts to target stubborn areas of fat without the results you're looking for? Don't get frustrated-get help. At Max Muscle Nutrition in Odessa and Midland, TX you can find a wide range of effective weight loss supplements.

Our experts will help you pick out a product that matches your needs and lifestyle. Watch as the pounds melt away, using our products to supplement your exercise routine and diet.

Call right now to learn more about our fat burner supplements. Odessa Location 432-614-4713 or Midland Location 432-704-5399

Find the supplement that's right for you

You can find the fat burners and metabolism increasing supplements you need at Max Muscle Nutrition. Our primary weight loss supplements include:

  • Emerge-this is a powder you mix in water. It's an energy drink that offers five to six hours of energy, burns fat and suppresses appetite.
  • MaxPro-this is the leanest protein we sell. It's a zero sugar, 30g protein that you can use as post-workout protein or meal replacement.
  • Cleanse and Lean-this product is a full body detox that's not a laxative. This product is a diuretic that helps men and women lose water weight.
  • Quadra Cuts-this is a sleep aid and a fat burner that's designed to help your body burn calories as you sleep.

Stop by our store in the Midland or Odessa, TX today to pick up the fat burner supplements that work with your lifestyle and workout routine.